Review of "Move to Win" - Trixie

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 Name    Move to Win
 Manufacturer    Trixie
 Overall    8/10
 Durability    8/10
 Difficulty    5/10
 Safety    7/10
 Setup Time    30s
 Time Per Play    1-5 minutes
 Price  $17.99  
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Here is Audrey (our Border Collie) demoing the toy.

Overall 8/10

"Move to Win" by Trixie is a smart toy, designed to improve your dogs dexterity and critical thinking. Barring some small design oversights, it's a reliable and affordable way to keep your dog entertained.

Durability 8/10

The toy is made entirely of plastic, minus the rope component of the two inserts and the joystick itself. The plastic used is of decent quality and will withstand hundreds (if not thousands) of games assuming your dog isn't trying to intentionally destroy it (I feel your pain).

Difficulty 6/10

On paper, the toy itself is reasonably complex. It has four primary mechanisms for your dog to learn.

  1. Slider (insert) removal. Dog must use paw to pull orange sliders out of the toy.
  2. Joystick control. For the sliders to emerge, they must initially be pushed out with the "joystick".
  3. Pylon block. Before the rope inserts can be pulled, the pylons must be moved.
  4. Rope pull. The two red inserts can only be removed by using the attached ropes.

If your dog becomes frustrated, it's likely the toy will get "abused" often allowing them to cheat. This is both a pro and con depending on your dog.

Safety 7/10

The toy is well constructed and durable, and has a reasonable amount of moving pieces. The few pieces it has are quite large and unlikely to cause your dog to choke.

Time Per Play 1+ minute

Even on the fastest runs Audrey is in the ~30 second range. Expect a few minutes between plays initially, eventually averaging out at about 1.5 minutes per play.

Price $17.99

This is a mid priced smart dog toy and delivers considerable value for the price. There's definitely cheaper options, but few will deliver the same price per dollar.